• IIIT Bhubaneswar owes its origins to the initiative of the Government Odisha. It is a result of the desire of the Government to establish a world class institute of Information Technology in the state. The Institute has been registered as a society in Nov 2006. In January 2014, the Institute was converted to a Unitary University.

  • The Institute has its focus on quality and rigorous education, quality resource, academic infrastructure, technology and innovation. These initiatives have helped IIIT-Bhubaneswar achieve pre-eminence in India and beyond in a short period of time.

  • The mission of IIIT is to be a knowledge seeking Institution of higher learning that will educate students in technology and other disciplines of scholarship. The Institute strives to work closely with the Industry and other users of the technology to develop and deliver technological solutions to enhance their competitive position.

  • The Institute is focused on the entire value chain of knowledge creation, diffusion and preservation to meet the challenges of the century. The Institute borrows best practices in education delivery systems, research and consulting while Leveraging technology at the same time.

  • The Institute is dedicated to create a vibrant community of students, faculty and scholars with passion for learning, creativity & innovation.

  • The Institute stresses on values like honesty and transparency, respect for the individual, Commitment to quality, passion for performance and sensitivity to social and ethical issues.