International Institute of Information Technology Bhubaneswar

Imagine . Innovate . Inspire

International Institute of Information Technology, Bhubaneswar was established by the Government of Odisha in 2006. It is designed to be a premier institute of Information Technology and related areas. The Institute has been converted into a unitary university by the Government of Odisha on 20th Jan 2014.

We offer undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programmes in Computer Science, Electronics Engineering, Electrical Engineering. The Doctoral Programme is offered in Science, Mathematics, Linguistics, Mechanical Engineering and Management.

The Institute owes its excellence to its faculty who are responsible for quality in research, education and culture of innovation and free thinking.

The Institute provides an extraordinary environment to create technology leaders of tomorrow and help them face the challenges of tomorrow.

For corporations and the government, the Institute offers its students for recruitment, its faculty resources for sponsored research and consulting. The Institute appreciates financial support in the form of Donations, Fellowships and Scholarships. 

The Institute constantly looks for talented Faculty to bolster its teaching and research activities. The academic environment empowers and encourages its faculty members to innovate and initiate. The Institute provides competitive compensation to attract and retain Faculty talent.