Life at IIIT

IIIT Bhubaneswar is a vibrant community filled with opportunities to enhance your academic career. Learn about life at the College and Explore the many co-curricular experiences IIIT has to offer.

Student Activities

IIIT has student organizations for almost any interest. There are Several clubs and Student Engineering Teams who compete at the national and international levels with other universities. 
  • Design Teams
  • Departmental/Professional Societies
  • Honor Organizations
  • Academic Interest Student Societies

Student Organizations & Leadership

Students organize many events at a club, society and Institute level in exploring their organizing and execution skills.

Informal Events

Being a residential Institute, the life is replete with small informal events which makes the campus life worth living.

Explore the Life@IIIT blogs to start a voyeuristic journey into fun filled life at IIIT :)