Certificate Programme on Make Yourself Employable

The objective of this programme is to enhance employability of the students. It is observed that Engineering students are not able to find a job for following reasons:
  • Illegible: The recruiting companies often keep a set of minimum eligibility criteria for permitting students to participate in the placement process. Many students often do not possess the eligibility requirements.

  • Unprepared: The placement process typically involves a. aptitude test, b. test on knowledge of the subject, c. interviews. The students need to qualify in the written test to qualify for the Interviews. Interview requires soft skills to persuade the potential employer to hire. It is often found that the students are not in a prepared state to do well in the placement process.

  • Unconnected: While a few Institutes are able to attract companies to the campus placement programme, many Institute fail to do so. As a result eligible and prepared students do not get an opportunity to present themselves for a Job Interview.
This programme attempts to address the last two points mentioned above. This is done by the following methodology:
  • Prepare: The students will be trained on aptitude, technical and soft skills to prepare them for Placement Opportunities
  • Measure: The students will be constantly measured on the improvements they make on the aptitude, technical skills and soft skill front.

  • Assess: There will be a final assessment done after the training is over.

  • Connect: Recruiting companies shall contact students based on their assessment score.

The programme is expected to help students get connected with IT companies for employment

This programme is initiated by the Department of Electronics and Information Technology, Government of Odisha. The Government provides a subsidy to the selected students.

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